Equipped with 1 pre-treatment acid pickling phosphating electrophoresis automatic line, 1 automatic spraying and baking paint assembly line, and 4 automatic car assembly lines

And excellent equipment such as cutting, stamping, welding, shot blasting, etc


Yaolon Group was established in 1998. Its subsidiaries include Luoyang zhufeng huawin motor tricycle Co., Ltd., Luoyang jianshe motor tricycle Co., Ltd., Luoyang Yaolon New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd., Luoyang Shuaiying trade Co., Ltd., etc. It is a large, specialized and comprehensive tricycle enterprise of scientific research, production, sales, and exports. The entire series of motor tricycle and electric vehicle products are widely used in various fields such as passenger, cargo, express, city cleaning, etc., and they are not only hot selling in China, also expand to Southeast Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and other countries and regions.